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Survey Question

What do you think about students that buy essays online?

20 Answers

R. Eric Sawyer

R. Eric Sawyer , B.S. Psych 1978

Buying an online essay is fine. And it could be quite helpful to read what someone else has written on the same subject.

Oh, wait…

Did you mean buying an essay and submitting it as ones own work?

To start with, it means that discovered or not, the person is a lier and a cheat.

Unless he owns that, and comes back from it, the pattern exists that he is willing to lie and cheat to serve his purposes.

If he did it to get a degree or grade he could not otherwise earn, then he is also incompetent,  and devalues the degree for everyone who has earned it.

If he could have done the work himself, then he is simply lazy compared to those who did the work.

Any of these traits would instantly disqualify that person for employment in my firm.
Nor would my coworkers who are honest, competent and hardworking be kind about risking their success by having such a co-worker.

If anyone ever (and a do mean  EVER even at age 60) found out about it, that information would be turned in. And unless that person had gone back and made it right, it would be instant and no questions termination.

Speaking as a manager and as a coworker.

Leon Grubkner

Leon Grubkner , former Blogger

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Hopefully this answer was helpful, and good luck with your paper!

Essay Writing Service – Top Writers | EssayPro

Daniel Kaplan

Daniel Kaplan , I can answer questions.

I’ve had several run-ins with students who have purchased essays from other students. In one case, we had an industrious student who sold no fewer than eight essays about Shakespeare and probably as many essays concerning Chaucer to other students.

Most recently, I caught a young man sleeping in class instead of typing his paper. I asked him over to my desk, opened up the history for his paper, and saw that he had been writing while asleep! After a bit of interrogating and research, I found that he had paid another student some amount of money (he claims $20, but I wouldn’t spit in your hand for $20, let alone write a 2,000 word research paper on Hamlet) to have him write the paper. This other student, enrolled at another school across town, was typing his paper while my student slept!

How do I feel about students buying papers online with the intention to submit them as their own work? The same as I would feel if they did it in person. It is absolutely dishonest, shameful, and harmful. Plagiarism is cheating, just like Lance Armstrong’s blood doping, Bill Clinton running around on Hillary Clinton, or the many people who file false tax reports. When you plagiarize, you cheat yourself of a chance to learn, a chance to grow, and a chance to be properly assessed.

When I talk with my students about cheating at the beginning of the school year, I like to remind them of an episode from the show Friends in which Joey falsifies information on his resume, claiming to be a great dancer. When he finds out that he lied so well that the producers want him to direct the choreography, he simply does “jazz hands” and runs off of the stage. I ask my students to forget, for a moment, that it is a sitcom and to internalize that feeling they would have if they’d been in a similar situation in reality. “You’ll run into these people later. They will find you odious, pathetic, and laughable all because you couldn’t be honest. Now think about this… in the show, it all ends with a laugh. In real life, he has cost that production company countless man-hours, money, and potentially other people’s jobs. Plus he temporarily took the place of someone who was capable and worked hard to become worthy.

Students who cheat in my English class don’t think it’s a big deal if they don’t get caught. They don’t realize that the skills they are supposed to be learning aren’t just about writing essays; essay writing creates logical pathways in your brain for thinking and verbal communication, and it teaches you how to solve problems.

Buying essays puts you in a place you didn’t earn, which puts you in a place you shouldn’t and potentially don’t want to be. When you buy an essay, you aren’t learning things. When you cheat on an essay, you’re likely doing it to get into the next level. My seniors are writing essays to gear up for college. What happens when they cheat their way through essays and wind up in college, not knowing what to do? Now it not only costs them a grade, it also costs them money.

Finally, it calls into question the totality of your education and waters down the quality and value of your educational goal. When you cheat, you acknowledge the fact that people from your school don’t really know what they need to know. If we found out that students at Harvard were cheating by plagiarizing, how would we feel about that Harvard diploma? If we found that your doctor had cheated on his or her board certification tests, how safe would you feel being under his or her care? What if it wasn’t necessarily your doctor, but that the school was known to have a lot of plagiarism going on?

Perhaps the worst thing out of cheating is that teachers want you to learn. I teach writing from the bottom up every single year. I start it out simple and work up to a massive research paper. I give my students more than enough time. I stay after school and am willing to write papers with students! With all that help, a student has no defense except laziness.

As I tell my students, “If you’re dumb enough to cheat, you aren’t smart enough to pass.”

My penalty for plagiarism, by the way, is to award a “no grade.” A student can rewrite the paper, but can receive no more than a zero for it. Why bother writing it then? Because otherwise the overall grade is an instant F, regardless of the percentage. This penalty works surprisingly well.

Arielle Masters

Arielle Masters , science BA from Williams College; then did tech support, then programming

It is cheating, and it is wrong.  Period.  End of story.

It is cheating the teachers, who are wasting their time grading a paper that wasnt done by one of their students.  It is cheating the other students who did their own work.  It is cheating you, since you wont learn a thing about researching and writing essays by paying someone else to write it for you.  It is cheating the school or your office (depending on where you are doing this), because they expected YOU to do the work and you lied and gave them someone elses work.

It is completely immoral and unethical and you should get a zero for that assignment.  At least.  You might also get suspended, expelled, fail the entire course, or fired, depending on how crucial an essay it was or what it was for – or simply on where you are studying/working when you buy the essay.

Youre also giving your money to people who make their living by cheating people.

Matt Ferguson

Matt Ferguson , studies Business Strategy at University of Cincinnati (2021)

It seems unfair that there’s a stigma around using an online essay writing service. Think about it. A student wants to do well in the classes that relate to their major. Unfortunately, they have all of these other classes where they’re overloaded with assignments. On top of that, they have family and work obligations. Should that student compromise the classes that are most important, or should they get assistance from professional writers?

Would you rather have a doctor who focused his energy on writing history papers in college, or who focused on classes that taught them about treating illness and inner workings of the human body? Of course you would choose the second! Until schools do a better job of handling assignments and course loads, companies like Essay Supply will be there to help students.

Brad Schiller

Brad Schiller , CEO of Prompt

Most people would say that turning in an essay you purchase online as your own work is inappropriate and could be perceived as tantamount to fraud or lying. I view it more as a missed opportunity.

Communication (especially via the written word) is the single most important skill you will learn in your life. Communicating effectively gets you into your dream college, lands you your dream job, and enables you to achieve your career goals. When you buy an essay, you deprive yourself of an opportunity to learn, and you will struggle to achieve your goals. The real question you should ask yourself is "why am I going to buy an essay?"

I bet that for most people it comes down to be afraid – afraid of not getting a good grade. Afraid that a bad grade will hinder your ability to achieve your goals. Thankfully, there is a solution for you: Prompt .

Prompt helps you stop being afraid by providing you with your grade before you turn in your essay and telling you the most important ways to improve your essay. Better yet, it helps you rapidly improve your writing abilities by providing you with detailed feedback on the content, structure, and grammar of your work.

You can try Prompt for free and start your journey of becoming an effective writer and communicator while achieving your goals. In full disclosure, I founded Prompt with the mission of helping people realize their potential. Its a resource I strongly recommend trying – after all you have nothing to lose when its free.

Mark Delgado

Mark Delgado , works at Student Network Resources

In reality, when they are used as intended, buying model essays from reputable online custom essay companies is no different than consulting a writing coach, tutor or others to assist with the research and writing process. The competition in colleges can be fierce and some students seem to naturally possess the skills and acumen that are needed to write top-notch essays. For the vast majority of students, however, learning how to write well takes a significant amount of time and effort.

In sum, I believe that students who buy essays online and use them as guides to developing their own final versions are learning about how to write a great essay in an efficient fashion. Some students experience writer’s block when they first confront a blank page or computer screen and far too many feel what they have to say about something is not worth writing. This constraint can be overcome with practice, of course, but the writing process can be truly intimidating the first few times and some students need help getting started and buying model essays online can be a good place to start.

Paddy Alton

Paddy Alton , 4 years undergraduate at Cambridge University, current PhD student at Durham.

They are the reason that we can’t just examine everybody via coursework, which ought to be a much better way of determining someone’s ability than a written exam with limited questions and short timeframe.

I’ve written about some of the issues with written examinations before, particularly how you grade them (e.g. Paddy Altons answer to Why do universities grade/measure a student’s performance versus other students instead of grading/measuring material learned? ). This single problem — that students can and will buy unique essays that can’t easily be proven to have been written by someone else — mean we can’t simply solve those issues by moving to a more coursework driven system.

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