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Press Release Writing Services from Send2Press

This page provides information and pricing for our professional
press release writing and editing/revision services.


Press Release Writing since 1983
For over 30 years our accredited PR team has provided compelling and newsworthy public relations writing for every industry. Using our service, you work with real U.S.-based media professionals – not students or telemarketers – to craft the right story for your news announcement: our goal is always earned media placement.

Accredited Expert PR Staff
Make your PR campaign count – don’t settle for cookie-cutter writing or sloppy prose, or folks in other countries who can barely speak English, when you can choose Send2Press’ experienced staff to make your message stand out. Entrepreneur magazine has even recommended our press release writing service to their readers.

Our Writing Clients Say it Best:

George McKinney
Just wanted to make a note of the masterful journalistic talent of Liisa. She really took my less than optimal submission and turned it into a written work of art. Great Job Liisa! Channel 7 NBC San Diego featured yours truly in an interview on the subject of drowning and how my invention applies. Send2Press played a huge role in giving us the publicity that we needed to bring this human crisis to public attention. 

George McKinney, Better Life Technologies Group, Inc. ~ April 2014

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Proven expertise that goes above and beyond

Trust our proven 30+ years of public relations and marketing expertise to provide real value in press release services. Send2Press is a service of Neotrope® established January 1983. Send2Press was “spun off” as it’s own brand in 2000. We were an Inc. 5000 in 2009, have an A+ rating with the BBB for 15+ years, and thousands of media placements in newspapers, TV, radio and trade publications. Our savvy staff (100% based in the U.S.) is entirely comprised of accredited PR experts and working journalists, not order takers or telemarketers.

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Simple Pricing for Writing Services

There is no annual membership fee with Send2Press for our writing or “concierge” style targeted press release distribution plans; however all services are pre-paid and ordered securely online in our Order Center . All Send2Press service plans and pricing are clearly marked on our service pages and the main price list page .

Here are the basic fees for our full writing and editing packages:
(Note: pricing does not include distribution to media or online.)
Full Press Release Writing Service:
Includes composition of your news release from scratch with phone interview and multiple drafts. You work with an accredited, U.S.-based, PR pro; not some copy-editor or cookie-cutter “writer” using a word processor template and doing nothing more than filling in the blanks. Trust our experienced staff to do it right.

 NOTE:  Scroll down on page to see step-by-step how this plan works.
Two Draft Revision/Rewrite Service*:
This option gives you two drafts for revision and polish by accredited PR Pro of your provided pre-written news announcement. You provide feedback on first draft, and editor then creates second revision.
(*This service can only be ordered at same time as a distribution plan. This option cannot be ordered alone.)

 NOTE:  Scroll down on page to see step-by-step how this plan works.
One Draft Revision/Rewrite Service*:
This option gives you a one draft revision and polish by accredited PR Pro of your provided pre-written news announcement.
(*This service can only be ordered at same time as a distribution plan. This option cannot be ordered alone.)

 NOTE:  Scroll down on page to see step-by-step how this plan works.

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What We Do: Full Details of
our Press Release Writing Services

Press Release Writing since 1983

Trust our professional writing staff to do it right!
Since many small businesses don’t have the budget to hire a professional public relations (PR) firm – or have the expertise to compose their own news release in-house – Send2Press offers press release writing services that are affordable and effectively target the message you wish to convey to the media. We can also edit/review an existing release you’ve written to polish and/or edit for length.

Send2Press is the only online press release service whose staff is entirely comprised of PR professionals, working journalists, and published authors. Our highly skilled and accredited team members are active members of professional trade groups including the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), the Public Relations Association of Western North Carolina, and the National Writers’ Union (NWU), among others.

  Meet Our Editorial Team

How long does press release writing take?
We ask for two (2) to three (3) full working days to complete a full press release writing plan. We ask for at least one (1) full working day to perform a revision/rewrite service plan, and this can take longer if we’re busy, or depending on how long it takes you to respond to queries from our staff writer. If trying to meet a specific deadline, please inquire in advance – all writing services will always take at least one working day. Press release writing/editing service pricing does not include distribution of the press release to the media or online.

   Full Press Release Writing: In Detail

   Full Writing Service: $199  (WR-PRPRO).

    NOTE:  This plan may be ordered alone or with a distribution plan.
  • After “Checkout” in our Secure Order Center , you fill out a simple information form with various questions related to what you want to announce as news, your dateline for release, and industry targets (e.g., “food” and “books” for a cookbook).
  • We assign one of our writers based on content, then we call you for a brief phone interview (no more then 10 minutes; within North America only). We also provide an overview email of the process with tips on what to look for and how the writing process works.
  • From this, a first “sketch” draft is composed and sent by email. Changes, corrections and additions can be made (all changes must be provided in writing), then a second draft is provided to refine the message. A polish draft can be done, if needed. Any additional corrections are made and then the final is provided.
  • Release can be up to 800 words (400-600 typical), or will match the length of the news distribution plan ordered at same time (”Premium” distribution plans have a base word length limit of 400 or 500 words; “Standard” level distribution plans have no actual limit).
  • Allow 2-3 working days (typical) for project completion, depending on your own availability for approvals.
  • Once the final is done, you may specify date/time for release to go out (if applicable). We provide you with MS Word final version of your release for your own use. (Other formats can be provided on request like .rtf, .pdf, and plain text.)
  • You own the final press release and may publish, post, or disseminate it in any way you wish; you own all rights to the final work.

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   Revision/Rewrite Service: In Detail

   One Draft: $89 (WR-1DRFT).   Two Drafts: $169 (WR-2DRFT).
    NOTE:  Rewrite plans may ONLY be ordered same time as a distribution plan.
If you’ve written your own press release but feel it might need one more polish — and/or if it’s far longer than needed (or longer than the length limit of the news plan you’ve chosen) — one of our professional staff writers can rewrite/revise your release to make it more readable and more effective. We also conform text to AP style.
  • When you order a news distribution plan, also choose the desired add-on option under “optional writing services”; choose either the one-draft or two-drafts revision, then “add to cart.” You will see both the distribution plan and revision option in your shopping cart.
  • Then after “Checkout,” submit your news release on our Information Form where you also specify who you’re targeting for the distribution. We accept these file types: MS Word (.docx or .doc), OpenOffice, or rich text (.rtf format); we cannot work with PDFs or MS Publisher files.
  • We then assign a staff writer to review and revise your release. Allow one full working day for completion for the one-draft rewrite. We then send you “our version” for review/approval.
  • With “Premium” distribution plans, we’ll trim the release to fit the word limit of your plan (unless you’ve ordered additional words for length).
  • You may then edit further, and send us your “final,” or you can approve as-is. You may choose the distribution date/time once you approve the draft(s). You own the final version.
 IMPORTANT NOTE:  For the revision/re-write service you must provide a proper press release to start from; we cannot “convert” an article, promo flier, or Web page into a press release. If you don’t have an actual press release to start from, you must use the full writing service and not the revision service.
  Explore Our Distribution Plans

Effective True Newswire Distribution

While you may order our full press release writing without ordering our targeted distribution plans, you may wish to choose our service to ensure your news can be found by interested media at daily newspapers, TV and news/talk radio stations, clipping services, major wire services and aggregators, and the top 10 social media portals with custom #tags.

Send2Press is a true newswire service (not a “reseller” of other company’s services), we send news Direct-to-Editors™ by email; we’re not just syndicating news online to junk posting sites like some companies do, while claiming to be something they’re not. Our news is read by media professionals worldwide, and our clients have been widely featured in thousands of print and broadcast venues over the past three decades.

Plus, we’re the only company in the world which has offered press release optimization solutions for search engines since 1997. We’re the “real deal” in affordable expert PR services!

Example packages for both our Full Writing Plan
plus a targeted U.S. news distribution plan:

Standard “State / Event” Plan

Standard “Industry + Multistate” Plan

Standard U.S. “National” Plan

Premium “National PLUS” Plan

Full Writing Plan

Full Writing Plan

Full Writing Plan

Full Writing Plan






Our “Full Writing” plan may be ordered alone, or at same time as distribution plan.

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  Order Services